Principal Michelle Hassan, Assistant Principal Keith Mahone, Dean Adrian Durry and Dean Marsheila Emery-Vaughns are very excited about the 2016-2017 school year at Irving Middle School. The administration wants to engage every student via a variety of programs including after-school programs. The impact of afterschool programs goes far beyond the recognized benefit of providing safe, supervised environments in the hours after school. In addition to facing more demanding academics, middle school students are dealing with the challenge of meeting social and developmental benchmarks as well. Afterschool programs can provide an avenue for helping those students successfully navigate these challenges while building skills necessary for academic success, learning to get along with others, and fostering positive attitudes toward community and school.

Our goal at Irving is 100% student participation, and we have a lot of different programs that we are offering to students. The afterschool programs and clubs that will be hosted this year are Girl Scouts (Girl space program), Book Club (all grade levels), Art Club, IMSA Fusion, Sea Perch program, Chess, Girl Power Fitness, Gaming Club, Poetry Club, Public Speaking, Honors Choir, Student Newspaper Club, and more programs are on the horizon. We look forward to an engaging and active year!