Encore Overview

Irving Tigers are offered a wide range of Encore courses including: S.T.E.M, Journalism, Music, Art, Physical Education and Health.

In sixth grade students are introduced to each Encore class on a quarterly rotation. In seventh and eighth grade students are given the opportunity to select two Encore courses to study on a semester bases.  Physical Education and Health are required in all grade levels.

6th Grade:

Journalism is an introduction to news writing and how the media covers news events today.



Art is an introduction to the  fundamentals of art while exploring a variety of media, techniques and methods. Our art curriculum is designed to give students a sampling of art projects that emphasize the elements (line, form, color, value, texture) and principles of art (balance, variety, harmony, emphasis). Understanding and appreciation of self and others through art history, culture, and heritage is emphasized. A variety of media and techniques create an active learning experience.


7th/8th Grade:


Sports Journalism focuses on writing about sports for publication and analyzing how the media covers sports news.

Poetry Writing introduces students to the different types of poetry, allows them to create their own poetry and study the works of prominent poets past and present.




Painting includes an introduction to basic techniques in order to solve elemental problems on a two-dimensional surface using acrylic and watercolor paint. Students will concentrate on the principles of color and light using a variety of life sources and imagination. Students will also explore the challenges of pictorial composition, color theory, flat pattern, paint handling and texture.